This summer I began documenting my life in Beijing through a series of informal portraits of friends. I’d recently switched from a digital to a film camera, and found that I love the process of shooting on film. I shoot 4 rolls per month, get them developed at the end of the month, and buy four more rolls. I love developing the photos at the end of the month and seeing the emotions and remembering the moments, both good and bad. I’m not always shooting, but I’m always ready, and when I’m in a great moment I’ll shoot a full roll. Most of my pictures are from hanging out and partying with friends in Beijing, but they’re not all happy—they’re stories that I use to remember my life in this big, crazy city.



Joe jo Zhu is a Chinese artist and story teller now works and lives in Beijing. He works with photography, movie and art installation. 

He is currently working on a story for his next exhibition, that he is searching for a connection among reality, fantasy and the storage of his past memories, he believes that there's a trigger which could connect all those parts in & with our conscious and have us travel through with the senses of human instinct spontaneously.  This story starts with his meditation experience in the mountains in Bear Creek near Santa Cruz in California, mixed with a character from the country side life he spent in northern Hubei province and the village where he enjoyed his wild childhood. 

Born in Hubei province, China. Joe jo taught himself English and photography when he came to Beijing in 2005. 


Solo Shows:

08.22.2015 "No One Hurry Anyone", aotu studio, Beijing

08.15.2013 "Joe jo Meets The Big Dirty", Pet Conspiracy Studio, Beijing

09.08.2012 "Joe jo Meets Pet Conspiracy", Pet Conspiracy Studio, Beijing 


Group Shows: 

12.13.2013 "Shadow Beats", Yugong Yishan, Beijing 

11.29.2014 "Hair", aotu studio, Beijing



Meng Meng (China)

Jannick Saegert (Germany) 

Céline Lamée (Netherlands) 

Jesper Vos (Netherlands) 

Jeff Soulspeak Liang (USA) 

Robin Jaspers (Netherlands) 

Angus Mcdougal (USA) 

Joao Trigo (Portugal)



Joe jo Zhu是一位艺术家和故事讲述者,现生活工作于北京。

Joe jo通过摄影,电影和装置艺术作品对现实人物的描述构造出人物性格与存在瞬间的对话。

目前他正在为新的展览故事创作,他寻找一种介于现实,幻想和过去存在记忆与意识调遣之间的联系。 他坚信本能意识中存在一个触发点能够将现实感,幻想和记忆片段部分或完整链接。这个触发点在时间地点人物之间传递,互动和感知。 

故事起始于艺术家在美国旧金山的那一段经历和Bear Creek山中冥想体验进行的创作,揉合人物和幻想角色;在梦境,幻觉和存在记忆中探索。





2015年8月22日, "No One Hurry Anyone 不赶不紧不急不催", 凹凸空间,北京

2013年8月15日,"Joe jo遇见巨脏”, 宠物同谋工作室, 北京

2012年9月8日,"Joe jo Meets Pet Conspiracy", 宠物同谋工作室, 北京



2013年12月13日, "Shadow Beats", 愚公移山,北京

2014年11月29日,“髮”, 凹凸空间,北京




Jannick Saegert (德国)

Céline Lamée (荷兰)

Jesper Vos (荷兰)

Jeff Soulspeak Liang (美国)

Robin Jaspers (荷兰)

Angus Mcdougal (美国) 

Joao Trigo (葡萄牙)




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